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The South East United Football Club (SEUFC) strategic plan created in 2022 describes several goals and objectives to be reached by 2026. 

By the end of 2023, SEUFC will have shown its commitment to almost achieving some of the objectives outlined in the strategic plan. 

Achievements so far include: 

The Junior Stingrays program is born fielding teams in Under 7, Under 9, Under 10 (2) and Under 12. 

The Under 21’s team came runner-up in the 2023 Statewide Cup. 

Tassy Junior Cup is successful in its second year with 36 teams competing with over 400 kids 

Objective by 2026: 

Teams in every Junior and Youth Competition by 2026 

Winning the Under 21/Under 17 Statewide Cup by 2026 

Tassy Cup to be recognized as a leading junior tournament by 2026 

Infrastructure plays a key role in achieving the clubs' five-year strategic plan objectives.


The inclusion of the South-East Stadium opened early 2023 has given the club access to the following facilities: 

  • Futsal 

  • Canteen 

  • Bar/Function 

  • New Changerooms 

  • Meeting Room 

  • Gym Facility 


The Club is now focusing its resources on achieving its commitment to pathways and performance in the South-East region.


The club will approach the next phase of development with the aim of sustaining a culture that is accessible to everyone.  

The acquisition of perimeter fencing is the key factor in taking the club forward.


The following objectives outlined in the SEUFC strategic plan will be achievable from the success of this fundraising campaign to build a perimeter fence.   

Development of Pembroke Park into an NPL Facility, 

Teams in the NPL and WSL, SEUFC Academy, Complete pathway for girls.

The outcomes and benefits are not limited to the above with the following points providing major advantages to not only the club but also to Football Tasmania, Sorell Council, the community and of course the sport of football in the state of Tasmania.  

Improve aesthetics of the club 

More aesthetically pleasing experience for spectators attending the games, training, or events.


More professional look.

Added security to the ground.

Added protection for spectators and children.

Complies with NPL standards, opportunities for the Club to expand.

Provides another venue for NPL games available to Football Tasmania.


Improves the quality and speed at which the game should be played.


Increases the Club sponsorship appeal


The club is aware of the funding requirements to install a perimeter fence at Pembroke Park having obtained from various sources.   


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