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When: Wednesday Evenings 17 January to 21 February

Where: South East Sports Complex Sorell (Pembroke Park)



  • Covered shin pads AND football boots must be worn – or no play!

  • Kick off for each competition as follows Mixed 6:00pm, Men's 7:00pm Games kick off simultaneously, signaled by an air horn. So get there early!

  • Games consist of two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute break in between.

  • Shin pads must be worn, this is not negotiable.

  • Points are awarded as follows: Win: 3pts, Draw: 1 pt, Loss: 0. Ranking is based on goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by head-to-head.

  • 6 players including goalkeeper on the field. Mixed teams must have at least 2 females on the pitch at all times.

  • Mixed competition every third goal must be scored by a female or via a header. This rule resets when a female scores a goal, a male scores a headed goal or at the resumption of play after half time.

  • All free kicks are indirect. The opposing team must retreat 5m from the ball

  • Fouls in the goal area will result in a penalty to the opposing team.

  • Slide tackles are strictly forbidden!

  • The goalie may roll the ball out to themselves from a goal kick and play on.

  • AFL or Drop kicks are not permitted.

  • Goalkeeper changes must be made when the ball is out of play and the referee must be notified before the change is made.

  • Adult Mixed and Men's competitions: after a goal is scored, the goalkeeper rolls/throws the ball out to restart play.

  • Junior and Youth competitions: after a goal is scored, the game restarts with a kick off from the centre.

  • No goal kicks, goalie must throw/roll the ball out.

  • Goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball from a back pass. Indirect free kick awarded outside the goal area.

  • When the ball is kicked out on the sideline, a free kick is awarded to the opposing team from where the ball went out.

  • All refereeing decisions are FINAL! There is zero tolerance for dissent.

  • All players play at their own risk. SEUFC accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries which occur as a result of participating in the Sorell Summer Sixes.

Who: 14 and Over Social Mixed | Social Men's

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