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Dear friend,


Sorell Summer Sixes is back once again after another successful competition that was wonderfully supported by several sponsors.


This year the 8 week tournament will feature U10s, U13S, Mixed 14 and over and Men’s divisions, beginning 25th October 2022.


This hugely popular six-a-side soccer event brings around 500 people to Pembroke Park every week, with four pitches side-by-side allowing eight teams to play at a time. 


We are looking for a small number of business partnerships to help us make this competition the success it has always been in the past.  We have the following opportunities:




As our sole tournament sponsor, you will enjoy full naming rights (e.g. the ‘ACME’ Sorell Summer Sixes’), with your logo front and centre of all promotional material, on the fixtures and league tables posted every week, on media reports as well as the awards themselves.  Your association with this massive regional event will reach thousands through our local and social media traffic, and thousands more through our partners and associates. 




We also have an opportunity for FOUR ground sponsors to enjoy naming rights to one of our pitches.  For the entirety of the competition your designated pitch will be known by your name and be represented by your company logo on all match fixtures and results.  Again, this brings you into direct contact with around 500 people at the venue each week, and thousands more via our social media reach.

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Jacqueline Sartori


South East United FC


Kim Griggs


South East United FC


Ph: 0488 235 554

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