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Under 7, 8,9, 10, 11 and 12 will play MiniRoos rules with the exception of the
substitution (interchange) rule as below. MiniRoos rules can be found at:
U7 and U8 will also follow same rules
Please take note of the following MiniRoos rules in particular:


Under 7, 8 and 9 – “There is no offside rule…..Game Leaders should strongly
discourage children from permanently standing in blatant offside positions.”
Under 10, 11 and 12– “The official offside rule…does not apply…..Goals can be
scored from the offside position. Game Leaders should direct players
permanently standing in blatant offside positions to move into onside
positions. Children should be made aware of the official offside rule during the
game if needed and what a great way to learn.


The goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball anywhere in the penalty area. To
restart play after a, save or gathering of the ball with their hands, the ball must
be thrown or rolled from the hands or played from the ground with their feet,
within 6 seconds. The goalkeeper is not allowed to kick or drop kick the ball
directly from their hands.
For Under 7, 8 and 9 – “The ball is in play once it moves out of the penalty
For Under 10, 11 and 12– “The ball is in play once it moves out of the penalty
area or when the goalkeeper places the ball on the ground.”


Each team is allowed a maximum of six (6) interchanges per match, 3 per half.
Coaches may interchange as many players as they wish at any one time but
can only do this 6 times.
Interchanges can only be made with the referee’s permission and the ball must
be out of play.
Players must be ready to enter the field of play straight away.
The interchange player cannot enter the field until the player being replaced
has crossed a touchline.
Further interchanges are permitted at the half time break and are not included
in the 6 permitted per match.
This rule will be waived in the event of a player being injured after all 6
interchanges have been made. An injured player may interchange in order to
receive treatment.

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