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Sorell is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Tasmania. With an urban population of around 2,500, it serves as the centre of a population of 16,000 spread across the South East United FC catchment area. It is estimated that, within this area, there are in the region of 2,000 youngsters fitting the demographic profile for youth football.

Talented youth players have either had to travel to the city or eastern suburbs to meet their footballing requirements, often at great financial and logistical costs to their parents, or else they have drifted away from the sport, often into the welcoming arms of the abundance of AFL clubs who are perfectly positioned to snap up able teens.

South East United FC aims to fill that gap in the market, providing a logical progression for regional youngsters once they have outgrown their local junior football club or primary school. Offering credentialed coaching and facilities to rival any city club, but at a fraction of the cost, the club hopes to persuade enthusiastic youngsters to continue their journey into their teenage years.

Sorell is one of Tasmania’s oldest farming towns and today is a busy regional centre, the last major town en route to the Tasman Peninsula and the east coast. Surrounded by thousands of hectares of rolling farmland and fields, its proximity to the airport, the city and the coast, makes Sorell an idyllic location for residents and visitors alike.

Pembroke Park started out as the Sorell Racecourse back in 1879, on a private homestead known as ‘Pennar.’ Racing continued to be a major Sorell attraction until the course and all of the surrounding buildings were destroyed in the bushfires of 1967. The land was purchased by Sorell Council and Pembroke Park has been undergoing recent redevelopment into Australian Rules Football, soccer and netball facilities, which rival those of any amateur sporting club in the south-east of the state.

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