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return RETURN TO FOOTBALL (STAGE 1) - 19 MAY 2020

  • Arrive dressed and ready to train;

  • Not attend training if unwell;

  • Label belongings, particularly drink bottles so it is clear who owns it and not share any belongings;

  • Bring your own hand sanitiser in your training bag;

  • Only essential people are to attend activities;

  • Only attend approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the activity and leave immediately after;

  • No social activity outside of these times;

  • Where possible, warm-ups and pre-activity preparation such as strapping should be completed at home prior to arriving for any football activities;

  • Any tasks that can be done at home, should be done at home;

  • At venues where possible, parents are encouraged to stay in their car;

  • Food should be eaten off site;

  • Minimise use of change rooms, bathrooms and communal areas. Where required, there should be a striction on the number of people using the facility (e.g. toilet) at any one time;

  • Each player must have their own drink bottle, bottles not to be shared;

  • Report any breaches of the above by any player or member to the coach/co-ordinator in charge.  

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