Registration 2020

The new player registration system is now open.

You need to sign up online at

There are a few extra complexities this time around, unfortunately.

1. There is a new team which has sprung up this year out of Victoria called ‘South East United FC’. When you go to choose your team, if you type ‘South East United’ in the search box, you will need to select the one which reads ‘South East United Football Club’ for anyone playing U13s to seniors, and ‘South East United Junior Football Club (ER)’ for any juniors playing U12s. Do NOT choose the one which says 'South East United FC.'

2. To add to this confusion, they have somehow got our clubs listed as being in ‘Sorell, NSW.’ Please be assured this IS us. Just avoid the Victorian club. There are a few screenshots in the comments below to hopefully highlight the right option.

3. Those who paid the $100 early bird deposit will need to select the option to pay later at the end of the registration process. There is no way for the system to reconcile the deposit, so we will need to manually adjust your invoice to ensure you receive the correct balance. The early bird discount scheme has been successfully applied.

4. The Ticket to Play scheme is valid again for 2020. You will need to register for this at Unfortunately, the 2020 scheme has not yet opened so, if you are eligible, you will need to tick this option and once again we will manually adjust your invoice, and you can send us your voucher number(s) when you have them.

We understand the frustrations these complexities bring you. Sadly, it is entirely beyond our control and we feel the pain every bit as much as you, believe us!

If you find this process difficult and would like assistance, we will be at Pembroke Park, laptop at the ready, next Tuesday evening (7-Jan, from 6-8pm) and the following Saturday (11-Jan, 11-1pm). If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please ensure that you have both your email and password for the Play Football website with you.

There are a few screenshots below to hopefully help you ensure you select the correct club.

Club Existing players, your options look like this...
You need to sign up online at
New players choose either of these options to get started...
You need to sign up online at
New players choose either of the green options. The other club is the Victorian one.
You need to sign up online at


Dodges Ferry Junior Soccer Club

Lauderdale Junior Soccer Club

Peninsula Pirates

Richmond United Junior Soccer Club

Sorell Junior Soccer Club

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