South East United FC vs Olympia FC 6 Feb 2019

A mid-week practice fixture that saw 18 South East United Players put the boots on in preparing for what looks to be an exciting Summer Cup Tournament.

With 18 players at Coach Glen's disposal it was an opportunity to gain some insight on how the team could potentially lineup in both the Division A and Social League Summer Cup Competitions.

The starting lineup began as follows.


Jonathan Smith with several opportunities on goal was unfortunate to capitalise on finishing with an opposing defence that was fast and pressuring.

Blaise and Andy showed strength and composure in the back line keeping the attack at bay for most of the first period.

The midfield at times linked up with some great passing in a game that did not allow any time on the ball.

Nick Roland is looking confident on the ball and looks to run at the defence imposing his skill and pace to rattle the opposing defence.

The second period lineup as follows.


Jordan Bailey's high work rate will be a credit to the team this season.

Patrick Quinlan coming on looked comfortable in the midfield.

The intensity from the opposition did not let up and the south east defense were made to work hard and showed great character.

Jesse Mason in goals exudes confidence which will be vital to the teams success going forward.

A majority of the players have not played alongside each other previously which was encouraging with the performance and teamwork that was displayed.

Comments: Coach Glen Roland - With only our second run of the season we had some really good ball movement at times but it really came down to Olympia knowing how to play on the pitch and us struggling with the speed of ball movement. It was great for everyone to get a run on a different surface but it will be equally good to get back on grass. Well played everyone plenty of good stuff, plenty to work on as we move closer to the season.


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